Delivery Terms and Conditions


You will receive a confirmation phone call, text, and email 2 - 3 days before your delivery date with your 3-hour delivery window. You must respond to one of these to confirm your appointment.

Please take these steps to ensure a smooth delivery:
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the driveway and sidewalks are clear prior to the arrival of the delivery team. If it is not clear or safe, the delivery team will not be able to complete the delivery.

  • Make sure your new furniture will fit by measuring the space it will occupy.
  • Clear the placement area and a pathway from the point of entry to the placement area. The Delivery Team will not move existing furniture.

  • Notify the Scheduling Team of anything unique about the delivery site, such as:

    • - Stairs or elevators (interior and exterior).

    • - Access restrictions: steep driveways, narrow streets, overhanging trees, alley access, gate codes, guard check-in, etc.

    • - Narrow doorways, tight corners, banisters, etc. between point of entry and placement area.

    • - Distance from loading zone to point of entry greater than 50 feet.

    • - Permits, COI’s, HOA authorizations, vaccine requirements, etc. required to deliver to the property.

      • It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange for any special permissions prior to delivery. Some site factors may require an additional charge, so please review them with us in advance!


Your Delivery Team will call you when they are on the way. An adult (18 years or older) must be present to receive your delivery.

Please check your order carefully upon delivery and alert the Delivery Team to any damage. The Delivery Team will note any damage on your delivery receipt and coordinate with our staff to make it right.


Reschedules made after your delivery time frame has been scheduled will incur a rescheduling fee, starting at $49. If you are not at home at the time of your agreed-upon delivery time frame, you will incur the expense of the original delivery fee and be charged for a second delivery.

If we need to reschedule your delivery due to factors beyond our control (e.g., snow/adverse weather conditions, power outages, severe traffic problems), you will be contacted to reschedule to the earliest available time and no additional fees will be charged for this change.

Please contact Customer Care with any delivery questions!
(844) 722-6347